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A Teacher´s Letter


Written by Mrs Larissa Justiniani

2nd grade Elementary Teacher

In this day and age, the rescue of values is of upmost importance. The recent events that have occurred in our country are a reminder that we are not in control of what happens in nature. In fact, the earthquakes that have left many families in despair prove that we are far from being immune to such catastrophes.  Whether it is a seismic event, which shook Mexico City, or a hurricane ravaging through Caribbean countries, our resolve is always put to the test. That is why the way we live values, can and will save lives.

Most of the time our children talk about values, as a teacher we infuse our classes with them. We talk about concepts that for most of my students may seem abstract and sometimes even difficult to understand; besides what we do in class, what they listen to during a civic ceremony, Monday after Monday, I often find myself asking this question: Is it enough? Do they really comprehend what value actually means? Moreover, are my students truly applying the values that we are trying to instill in them? The answer to these questions may seem aloof and difficult to answer, yet one thing remains a fact: children learn many things by imitating. This leads to my next question, am I modeling through my actions and deeds the values I want my little ones to learn? I guess the question may also apply from a larger perspective: Are we as a society producing the citizens that live out values such as respect, solidarity, honesty and many more?

Sometimes what we see in media is often misleading. Indeed there is a lot to be done, and there are so many factors that influence many of the negative things that happen in our country, still, there is something that these events have aught us and that is, that in times of need, amidst the desperation and the pain, we truly come together and build a network of values that give comfort to those in despair, nurtures those who are flailing and impulses our communities to not only rebuild buildings and houses, but to heal and restore the social fabric in which we live. This indeed is the best way to respond to the uncontrollable and the unforeseeable whims that Mother Nature has to offer.



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